Sadaqah Jariyah

is a gift that not only benefits others in this life but also benefits us and our loved ones in the next.
Allah [SWT] guarantees to record these continuous acts of charity in the following verse: “Indeed, it is We who bring the dead to life and record what they have put forth and what they left behind, and all things We have accounted for in a clear register.” (Qur’an, 36:12)

Contribute to the cost of a bin or sponsor an entire bin with a one-time tax-deductible donation of $1,200. The average lifespan of a bin is approximately 30 years.

Offer a space on your commercial property in Long Island or Eastern Queens areas to place a privately labeled, conveniently designed bin for the collection of donations.

Sponsor a Cloth & Footwear Donation Bin

CoA Humanitarian RELIEF aims to provide new and used clothing and footwear to the poor and needy communities with special attention to Orphans and Widows in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Yemen and Pakistan.

Most of the clothing and footwear collection for charity in the United States either comes as a donation from the general public and manufacturers as well as purchase at a discounted price from commercial and non-commercial resources.

CoA foresees to keep certain weather and Islamically appropriate items from the donation it will collect and may sell the rest to generate cash. Ultimately cash will be utilized to acquire appropriate clothing and footwear from the other philanthropic and commercial organizations.

As an opportunity to our donors, friends and sympathizers to InShaaAllah gain the reward of Sadaqa E Jariah CoA offers to collect clothing and footwear donation by placing its 25 donation bins in New York area.

  • Be a part of this unique blessing to address a constant, absolute and growing need of clothing and footwear of our own Orphans, Widows and poor families by; – Sponsoring a single or multiple bin or even the whole campaign for a onetime tax-deductible donation of $1,200 each bin. An average life of a bin is approximately 30 years.
  • Offer a space on your commercial and easily accessible property preferably in Long Island and Eastern Queens to place CoA privately labeled and conveniently designed bin for the collection of donations. CoA volunteers will systematically manage and maintain these bins while a third party will empty these bins on a regular basis as needed. Cost or rental of space may qualify for tax deduction to the donor.

While donating for this campaign of CoA, please specify “Bin Donation” in the description.