Children of Adam Global Humanitarian Projects

CoA runs annual Ramadan, Eidul Fitr and Eidul Adha projects within and outside of the United States. We also collect various types of donations, including but not limited to zakat, sadaqah, and kaffarah to provide for and facilitate the distribution of food, clothing, shelter, and health support services to needy families and communities throughout the year. These programs offer an opportunity for our youth to lead and engage in humanitarian work year-round. Our youth-led and supported humanitarian projects include:

  • Ramadan Iftar Programs
  • Eid-ul Fitr Gift Distributions
  • Qurbani Meat Distributions
  • Weekly Masjid Breakfast Program
  • Learning & Support Centers
  • Health & Wellness Programs


Yemen is suffering in ways we cannot imagine. The on-going war has killed thousands of innocent civilians. It has created an endless famine which has led to an alarming rate of food insecurity.


A vocational training facility for over 35 Widows and all-day teaching and care center with meal for their 100+ Orphan children. Eidul Fitr gifts to these Orphans and Eidul Adha Qurbani meat to over 150 families.


Food and shelter support to over 1,500 families of Widows and Orphans in addition to Eid al-Fitr gifts and Eid ul-Adha meat.


Ramadan food support to over 250 families.


Holistic Lifestyle and Healthcare training throughout the year to over 100 Women and Young mothers. Time to time food support and Eid ul-Adha meat to their families.


Free weekly hot breakfast to 35+ homeless, travelers, passersby, local and interfaith communities.

Our way of doing charity is simple –

We take small change and make a BIG difference with it.