Summary of Children of Adam’s Three Major Prongs and projects

by: Mufti Mohammad Farhan.

Our Services

Developing Leaders

Local Youth Program striving to build the next generation of compassionate, ethical leaders through knowledge & research, holistic wellness, and humanitarian service driven by Islamic Values. LONG ISLAND, NY

Vocational Training

A vocational training facility for over 35 widows to help them develop independence + an all-day teaching and daycare center with healthy meals for their 100+ orphan children. IRAQ

Feed the Needy

Free daily hot breakfast for 35+ local homeless, travelers, and needy community members. Also Annual Ramadan Iftars, Eid Gifts & Qurbani Meat Distribution across the US.

Flood Relief & Support

Building water wells & providing food & shelter support for over 1,500 widows & children who were devastated by flooding. Also providing Eid-ul-Fitr gifts and Eid-ul-Adha Meat to families.

Holistic Lifestyle

Over 100 Rohingyan Refugee Women & Mothers receive year-round holistic lifestyle education & training, from diet & exercise to stress management & spiritual health.

Regional Development

Bringing solar energy to homes, sanitizing public restrooms, establishing informal school systems in small villages, restoring sight with cataracts surgery & providing support for transgendered people in danger of exploitation. PAKISTAN

Our Work - What We Do




Bani Adam also known as Children of Adam (“CoA”) though a US based but globally operated organization; aims to inculcate Islamic doctrine and values within the life of today’s youth.

CoA strongly affirms that to achieve its core objective of generating an active, purpose bound and effective society nurturing youth is the key however it equally encompasses that nurturing people who matter to today’s youth and ultimately address the society as a whole.

In absence of authentic value base guidance and support a society inspires with distorted  elements, adopts a mind set of visionless and mission free life. Ultimately a society in general and youth in particular becomes a victim of resulting derailment and as well as mental health challenges.

CoA – Knowledge and Research domain  introduces the treasure of spritual guidance and  support to enlighten the hearts and seek to engage minds to achieve a purposeful life. CoA brings the comprehensive approach of healthy lifestyle and Humanitarian RELIEF projects for physical and spritual empowerment.