Our Services

We are a Non Profit Organization
Developing Leaders

Local Youth Program striving to build the next generation of compassionate, ethical leaders through knowledge & research, holistic wellness, and humanitarian service driven by Islamic Values. LONG ISLAND, NY

Vocational Training

A vocational training facility for over 35 widows to help them develop independence + an all-day teaching and daycare center with healthy meals for their 100+ orphan children. IRAQ

Feed the Needy

Free daily hot breakfast for 35+ local homeless, travelers, and needy community members. Also Annual Ramadan Iftars, Eid Gifts & Qurbani Meat Distribution across the US.

Flood Relief & Support

Building water wells & providing food & shelter support for over 1,500 widows & children who were devastated by flooding. Also providing Eid-ul-Fitr gifts and Eid-ul-Adha Meat to families.

Holistic Lifestyle

Over 100 Rohingyan Refugee Women & Mothers receive year-round holistic lifestyle education & training, from diet & exercise to stress management & spiritual health.

Regional Development

Bringing solar energy to homes, sanitizing public restrooms, establishing informal school systems in small villages, restoring sight with cataracts surgery & providing support for transgendered people in danger of exploitation. PAKISTAN

Donate generously to Children of Adam Humanitarian Projects